SigmaPlot 13

Advanced data analysis and scientific graphing


  • More than 100 types of 2D and 3D graphs
  • 50 statistical tests with wizard
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Extensible with Visual Basic macros
  • Excellent online help


  • Nothing noteworthy


SigmaPlot is one of the best-known data analysis packages. From a simple spreadsheet, it allows the creation of high-quality scientific graphs and the performance of complex data analyses. The trial version lasts 30 days and can be activated using serial number 775250001.

SigmaPlot's more than 100 2D and 3D graphs, easy to customize and publish, are an impressive calling card. But SigmaPlot is not exclusively devoted to data representation: 50 statistical tests and Excel integration are evidence of its analytic power.

A remarkable feature of SigmaPlot is its integration with the Office suite: accessing XLS spreadsheets and exporting results as PowerPoint presentations is extremely simple.

The step-by-step wizards are also a valuable resource for novice data analysts. And for those who want more control over the analysis, SigmaPlot allows the use of macros written in Visual Basic.

SigmaPlot supports the following formats

Axon, TXT, 123, XLS, DBF, SQL, Mocha, Systat, JNB, SPW, JNT, GRA, GPH



SigmaPlot 13

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